Freeday Barcelona

Freeday Barcelona is a project born of the wind and the sea that inspire our collections. Warm winds, intense for the most part, accompanied by the waves they generate, causing great waves that have become legend. This is our concept.

Many brands base their business strategy on an idealistic and aspirational image. In F R E E D A Y Barcelona we go one step further. We are a brand aimed at people with concerns above the beauty and the good life. With a cooler tone. We do not seek to be something unattainable, but you are part of our history.

Therefore, our goal is to be able to translate that freedom, happiness and joy of living in our products and can offer you a wide variety of models of sunglasses and cords, at affordable prices, not forgetting the trends of the moment; Creating a product of great personality adapted to the freest and cyclonic tastes.

Freedom. The happiness of being. The joy of living. You are the one who can best express what we appeal to.
You are the one in charge of creating history, a history of the hand of our values.#BeFree, #BeHappy